Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems...Turn Your Home into an Oasis!

 What is a Clear View Retractable Screens® System?

Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems utilize the old-fashioned technology of roll-up blinds, updated and advanced to work vertically or horizontally. Our Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems are manufactured with a durable and lightweight aluminum housing that protects the screen cloth when not in use. Within the housing, the Clear View Retractable Screens® System is anchored to an aluminum tube and tension control device. Clear View's Patented Speed Reducer insures our doors will retract fully without danger of trapped fingers or a "slamming" return.


Who will Install my Clear View Retractable Screens® System and MotionScreen?

Any high quality product purchased is virtually worthless if it’s not installed properly. Our certified installers go through a thorough training process to learn Clear View's uncompromising approach to Customer Service and installation techniques. Our installers are friendly, knowledgeable and can help you with any questions you may have concerning your new screen system.


How Durable are Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems?

Clear View Retractable Screen™ System are child and pet resistant, and virtually indestructible! When the screen is pushed in it gives in to the pressure and when the pressure is released the screen returns to the taut position. No more fragile screens to worry about.


Are Clear View Retractable Screens® Systems Safe for my Children and Pets?

Our Patented Speed Reducer keeps loved ones and pets from harms way by slowing the screen retraction when closing.


How do I Maintain my Screens?

One of the exclusive benefits of the Clear View Retractable Screens® System is that it is virtually maintenance free! It does not discolor over time, no annual cleaning, no need for replacement.


What is "SuperScreen"?

The advanced technology called "SuperScreen" is setting the new standard for outdoor screen. It is tear resistant, puncture resistant, and mildew resistant. "SuperScreen" outlasts traditional fiberglass screen. To learn more about SuperScreen, please visit


What Exterior Finish will come on my Screen System?

Clear View Products Southeast, Inc. and Clear View MotionScreen, Inc. offer an alternative to "Wet Paint" finishes that guarantees Excellence, Economy & Efficiency, as well as being environmentally friendly. Powder Coated finishes are resistant to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, fading from sunlight and extreme weather. Powder Coating looks like paint but acts like armor. Our Super Slick Rails ensure years of worry free screen glide. It's tough, attractive and cost-effective, thus making them a far superior alternative that will render years of service.


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